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Upcoming MacPhail Studio Recitals

This page lists Hanno's upcoming MacPhail studio recitals; recitals hosted by Hanno and featuring only students from his MacPhail studio. For additional MacPhail recital opportunities, click here.

Spring 2018 MacPhail Studio Recital

Key Details:
Saturday, April 21, 2018
Rehearsals: 12:30–2:45 PM, Antonello Hall, MacPhail Center for Music
Warm up room: 107, available from 2:00–4:30 pm
Recital: 3:00–4:00 PM, Antonello Hall, MacPhail Center for Music
Pianist: Miryana Moteva

Recital Program: Click here to view the program order. Note that this may still be subject to change.

Student Biographies: Click here to view the performer bios for this recital. If you are performing on this recital, please contact Hanno with a brief bio, or revisions to your current bio. Click here to see examples from the fall 2017 recital. Your bio might include: 1) Your age/grade in school, and which school you attend; 2) When you started playing cello and any relevant info about your previous teachers, when you joined Hanno's studio, etc.; 3) Your other musical activities, other instruments you play, etc.; 4) Summary of other performances you've done, musical achievements, youth orchestras, etc.; 5) Other interests, hobbies, etc.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will take place before the recital on April 21 in room 605. Click here to view the rehearsal schedule. Note that this may still be subject to change. Please arrive at the rehearsal room fifteen minutes before your scheduled rehearsal time. Unpack your cello and be ready to go in immediately when Miryana is ready for you. She will move on to the next student on the list if you are not there when you are called. Remember, don't be shy—if there's a section you'd benefit from repeating a few times, say so!

Warm Up Room: Room 107 will be available from 2:00 pm. Cello cases and other personal belongings may be left in room 107 during the recital. You are also welcome to keep your things with you in Antonello Hall.

What to Wear: Look nice! There is no specific dress code, but please remember that this is a performance in a beautiful concert space—no casual wear, like sneakers, jeans, t-shirts, etc.

As in previous years, the recital will be followed by a reception in the U.S. Bank Lobby, immediately outside the main doors of Antonello Hall. To make this possible, please bring a food or drink item for the reception. These should be placed on the large tables in the U.S. Bank Lobby when you arrive.

Recital Preparation
As you work to polish your recital pieces, ask yourself:

  • Is my recital piece exciting, beautiful and dynamic? Does is sound the way I'd want to hear it if I were in the audience?
  • Is my recital piece reliable, in tune, and in rhythm? Can I play it well with a metronome? Can I play it well the first time?
  • Is my tone quality rich and even?
  • If playing from memory, is my memory secure? Have I memorized my piece in sections, any one of which I can easily play out of context?
  • Have I practiced my presentation skills: walking on and off stage confidently carrying my cello, acknowledging the audience every time they applaud by smiling and bowing slowly and deeply—before and after I've played?

Additional Recital Opportunities

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