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Tuner & Metronome Apps

The apps below are very effective and can essentially take the place of your metronome and tuner.

Available for both Apple and Android devices, Cleartune (Apple, Android) is used by many professional musicians.  It costs $3.99.  This tuner is very sensitive, and does a fantastic job of registering low frequencies, something with which many tuners struggle. In addition to being a great basic tuner, it has numerous settings and calibrations for more specialized uses.


Available exclusively for Apple devices, the D'Tempo metronome app costs 99c. It features a tempo range from 40-240, highly customizable sounds, beat subdivisions, savable settings, a very handy tap tempo setting (just tap a tempo to set the metronome to that speed), etc. Unfortunately, the volume is a little on the quiet side, but otherwise this app is excellent.



The free Metronome app for Android may not be the prettiest to look at, but it works very well and has lots of settings and advanced features found in fancy paid metronome apps.


Tuning Drones has great tuning drones and the site even has a built-in metronome! Drone Tone Tool apps are also available in both the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Digital Metronome/Tuner

If you don't have easy access to good metronome and tuner apps or online metronome, you will need one! A good metronome is a vital practice tool. I highly recommend the Intelli IMT-301. It has a great range of features, including a tuner, several octaves of reference pitches, a thermometer/hygrometer, and is loud enough to be easily heard. It is common for metronomes to be too quiet to be heard clearly when playing. This model is also surprisingly inexpensive. I suggest you also buy a DC9V adapter which will allow you to power this metronome from a regular outlet, saving yourself the need to keep replacing the battery.

Online Metronome

 If you can stand the flashing ads, is a very handy, free online metronome.

Do you have a good cello chair?

A chair of the proper height and seat angle are essential to playing well and with good posture. I highly recommend the Deluxe Studio Chair. This chair can adjust to exactly the required height, and fold up nicely, making it very portable.


For younger students, the Grow With Me Cello Chair works very well.

The Adjustrite Folding Musician's Chair is also excellent.

Wolf Note Suppressors and Eliminators


New Harmony Wolf Note Suppressor
The Wolf Terminator







More about wolf notes on the Cello Care page...



Andrea Solo Cello rosin. I love this rosin! 


Seymour: An Introduction

A documentary about pianist and piano teacher, Seymour Bernstein, this is a moving and beautiful depiction of everything that makes the pursuit of music and instrumental craft worthwhile. I can't recommend this movie highly enough—it embodies why I do what I do!


With Your Own Two Hands

Written by pianist Seymour Bernstein, this book contains some of the wisest, most beautiful writing about the journey of learning to play an instrument.

The Art of Practicing

This landmark book presents a unique approach to practicing that combines physiological and meditative principles to help musicians of all levels release physical and mental tension and unleash their innate musical talent.

Talent is Overrated

Want to get a better sense of precisely the type and amount of practice that underlies all great performance?

This book, Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin, is an excellent introduction for students and parents alike about what it actually takes to be excellent. Colvin examines the backgrounds of many top-performers—from Mozart to Tiger Woods—and zeros in on a critical trait shared by all of them: thousands of hours of a type of work researchers have dubbed "deliberate practice."

The Musician's Way

In his excellent book The Musician's Way, Gerald Klickstein provides a roadmap to artistic excellence with in-depth discussion of practicing, performing and creativity.