Hanno Strydom | Cello Teacher | Twin Cities, MN

Strydom Cello Studio Policies for MacPhail Students

Official MacPhail Center for Music Policies
MacPhail policies are established by the institution—click here for full details.

Enrollment is per session (fall/spring/summer). Students must register for all lessons in each session. It is not possible to prorate lessons to accommodate individual vacation plans, sports participation, etc. Hanno's time is reserved for each student on a weekly basis, regardless of whether that student attends or not. Recognizing the need for some flexibility, Hanno will make every effort to reschedule missed lessons, schedule permitting, as explained below under "cancellations & make-ups".

Withdrawal from Lessons
Details are on the official MacPhail policies page.

Cancellations should be communicated a minimum of 24-hours in advance via the contact form on the calendar page, by sending an e-mail to, or by texting or calling Hanno at 651 239 8288. Prior notification does not exempt students from payment. Students are charged for all the lessons for which they register, including those missed through student absence. However, Hanno permits students to make up lessons canceled with 24 or more hours' notice, schedule permitting (details below).

MacPhail teachers do not officially offer make-up lessons in the event of student cancellations/absences. However, recognizing the need for some flexibility, Hanno makes every effort to accommodate make-up lessons, schedule permitting. Unfortunately, make-ups cannot be guaranteed. It is also understood that this make-up policy is for occasional absences only, and that it does not constitute an obligation on Hanno's part to make up lesson time missed due to student absences. Make-up time does not "roll over" from one semester to the next, i.e., fall semester make-up time cannot be applied to spring semester, spring semester make-up time cannot be applied to summer session, etc.

Skype Lesson Make-Up Option
Students who are unable to make it to a scheduled lesson due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances may request to have their lesson via Skype. Details about Skype lessons are here.

Extra Lessons
Students sometimes elect to schedule extra lessons, above and beyond the number of lessons covered by their regular registrations. When extra lessons are scheduled, students must immediately contact MacPhail Student Services (612 321 0100) to update their registrations.

Consultation Lessons
Before making a long term commitment, new students often prefer to begin with one or two consultation lessons. Contact Hanno to schedule a consultation lesson. To officially reserve their consultation lesson time(s), students should contact MacPhail Student Services (612 321 0100) to register.

Emergency Closures
The decision to close MacPhail due to weather is determined by safety conditions and is based on state advisories. MacPhail does not guarantee make-ups for lessons missed due to emergency closures. Hanno's standard make-up policy applies to lessons missed due to weather and other emergency closures. MacPhail is committed to remaining open whenever possible. The decision to close will be communicated via MacPhail's website, and via a recorded message at 612 321 0100.

Religious Holidays
The official MacPhail policy states: With at least one week’s notice to the teacher, a regularly scheduled lesson that is missed because of a religious holiday will be rescheduled. This policy does not apply to classes and ensembles. Please notify Hanno about religious holiday absences at your earliest convenience.

Lesson Day Protocol - MacPhail Center for Music, Room 405
Please arrive a few minutes before your lesson start time to take care of any bathroom trips and other preparations that may be necessary before your lesson. Make sure that your hands are washed and your fingernails are clipped short. While you wait, unpack your instrument, rosin your bow, etc. If you are early, please wait for Hanno to call you in. If you happen to be late and you see that Hanno is alone in the studio, please knock and come in—Hanno will likely start practicing or doing administrative tasks when a student is late and will not continue checking to see if the student has arrived. As long as no disruption is caused, parents, family members and friends are welcome to observe and/or take notes during lessons.

If a student fails to show up for a scheduled lesson, Hanno reserves the right to leave after waiting for 15 minutes. Missed lessons will not be rescheduled or refunded.

Student Expectations
Detailed student expectations for Hanno's studio are articulated on the Student Expectations page. Hanno reserves the right to refuse to continue working with students who do not make a good faith effort to meet these expectations.